Office Hours

  • Monday - Thursday
  •      10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Saturday
  •      10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Closed Fridays & Sundays

  • Screenings for new clients done on a drop in basis during regular office hours

  • Group times before and after regular office hours.

  • We also do Anger Management Assessments and work with EAP's.

Anger Management Groups


10:00 am - 2:00 pm (four hour sessions)


   Level One = 8 Hours (2 sessions)
   Level Two = 16 Hours (4 sessions)

   This is an ongoing program - Future dates will be added

NEW - Women's Empowerment Group

Women's support/empowerment groups
    Call for information.
    5:30 pm - Call for Info


Call for more information

  • $55.00 per four hour session - to be paid before group
  • $30.00 per two hour sessions - to be paid before group
  • Discounts made for prepaying entire Level One or Two sessions
  • Cash, Visa/Mastercard or Money orders only - NO Checks will be accepted
  • New clients please come 15 minutes before group time, no late arrivals.
  • Picture Identification required
  • Court Orders, case #'s & signed releases will be required.
  • No Weapons Allowed
  • No One under the influence of Alcohol and/or drugs will be allowed
  • Children, Friends or Relatives will not be allowed to attend
  • No Pets
  • English Only - No Interpreters will be provided
  • Must attend full session for any credit to be given. No Early dismissal
  • Only First 20 to be admitted
  • Certificates and/or status reports will be faxed etc.

Please contact us with any questions at

This is an ongoing program. Future dates will be added.

Certificates will be faxed directly to the courts to provide proof of attendance

DSHS Certified Domestic Violence Batterers Treatment Program

Drop-in screenings can be done during regular clinic hours. Domestic Violence (DV) screenings will take approximately an hour to complete.

An appointment will be set-up for the clinical face-to-face interview at that time.

Programs are provided at times that minimize distruption of employment and family life, including Saturdays, with our offices located close to both major highways and bus routes.

Our staff can assist you in making financial arrangements.

Payment Options
Sliding fee schedule for all services available

VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express accepted.
Our staff can assist you in making financial arrangments.

Program meets Court Criteria
This program was first certified by the Department of Social and Health Services in 1993. It fulfills the requirements of the Washington State code, WAC 388-60, for individuals court ordered to undergo domestic violence batterer's treatment.

No waiting lists for treatment

Treatment Goals

  • The primary concerns of ACT&T's Domestic Violence Treatment program is to help assure the safety of victims, potential victims and the community at large.

  • Cessation of all violence, controlling or abusive acts.

  • Recognition of patterns, attitudes and beliefs underlying abusive behavior.

  • Implementation of effective communication, negotiation, and problem solving skills to stop domestic violence.

  • Consistent exhibition of nonviolent, non-controlling and non-abusive thinking and behaviors, within a workable plan, to insure the safety of others.

Domestic Violence - Weekly Group Times
Day  Start Time       End Time
Monday  NO GROUPS   
Tuesday10:00 am   11:30 am   
 5:30 pm   7:00 pm   
 7:15 pm   8:45 pm   
Wednesday9:00 am   10:30 am   
 5:30 pm   7:00 pm   
Thursday5:30pm   7:00pm   
Saturday10:30 am   12:00 pm   
 12:30 pm   2:00 pm   

Domestic Violence - Monthly Group Times
Weekly graduates attend once a month with a varying schedule for ninety minutes to monitor continual behavioral change and adherence to the programs principles. A voice message is left (206-575-3935) at beginning of current month stating the date for that month's group.

If scheduling conflicts occur - please contact office manager before the scheduled date to make an appointment for a make-up session.

ACT&T South
Anger & Stress Management Programs

The Anger and Stress Management program works with men, women, and groups facing the consequences of angry and abusive behaviors, outside domestic relationships.
The program is tailored to meet each client's special needs through an initial assessment.

Level One
Eight hours of instruction to establish a basic recognition of the effects of anger and stress on the body and in relationships as well as techniques to reduce anger and stress while working positively with others.

Level Two
This level is 16 hours of group counseling. In addition to the instruction of Level One, clients are asked to describe anger patterns, their effects on others and how to control both stress and anger before it converts into abusive behavior.

ACT&T South
Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy available

Please call us at 206-575-3935 for more information.

Women's Empowerment and Communications Skills Therapy Program

This drop in and ongoing program is open to all women who want to improve their relationships. It has been designed to help women who may have experienced interpersonal violence and women who are seeking ways to reduce their anger responses. Respectful communication skills will be explored.

Expect to take away tips for safety planning, self-care, recognizing / changing communication patterns, active listening & negotiating skills and empathy exercises.

Learn how to express yourself in a way that gets heard and stop the pattern of "walking on eggshells" around those closest to you.

This is a revolving program that can be joined anytime. Call 206-575-3935 for more details.