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Domestic Violence & Anger Management

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Multiple convenient times for Anger Management Groups
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Temporary COVID-19 details
Anger Managment will be suspended for COVID-19 virus converns at this time.

If you would like to be added to a list for possible future online groups - please email or call and leave a specific message with your email and phone number.
Thank you

       A message will be sent directly to your courts
       about this decision if groups are started.

During this COVID-19 outbreak, we will still be doing Anger Managment Assessments & Treatment, individual counseling and work with EAP's. These assessments must sill be face-to-face with utmost care taken in social distancing.

All reguarly scheduled groups for both ACT&T-South and ACT&T-Central and DV Dads program with Mark Adams (formerly Wellspring Family Services) will be online through the ZOOM PRO platform.

This includes the Women's support/empowerment life skills
groups held Monday's @ 5:30pm

To contact us by phone, please call:

Main Office : 206-575-3935


Outside Line: 206-580-8470
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Anger Control Treatment & Therapies - South
Individual, Family, couples and Group Counseling / Psychotherapy

Therapy is provided utilizing an eclectic approach within the context of a client centered focus using respect, self-disclosure, warmth, immediacy, concreteness, genuineness, potency, empathy and unconditional positive regard to establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship.

Individual, family, couples and group therapy is structured from a strength based bio/psycho/social perspective that includes cognitive behavioral restructuring, psychodrama/role play, Imaginational Therapies, education, anger management, relapse prevention, stress management, self-care, insights and awareness acquisitions, environmental deficits and strengths consideration, EMDR, Affect Center Therapies, Family Systems, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Solution Focused, Interpersonal trauma and violence therapies, advocacy for victims of domestic violence and a State Certified Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment Program that adheres to the Washington Administrative Code 388-60.

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ACT&T provides
Domestic Violence Treatment solutions

The primary concern of ACT&T's Domestic Violence Treatment program is to help assure the safety of victims, potential victims and the community at large.

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Anger & Stress Management solutions

The Anger and Stress Management program works with men, women, and groups facing the consequences of angry and abusive behaviors, outside domestic relationships.
The program can be tailored to meet each client's special needs through an initial assessment

The 2 hour and 4 hours sessions provided are for educational purposes only. These fulfill court requirements and may also give insight to self- referred clients.

For more client specific treatment recommendations please feel free to schedule an initial assessment so our counselors can work towards your goal of therapy

There are also Court Mandated anger management assessments available. .

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We also do Anger Management Assessments and work with EAP's